One day, thousand emotions...

Close your eyes and imagine...
Look him in your eyes, holding hands, your hearts trembling...emotions impossible to describe for the best day of your life, always dreamt and desired.
The wonder of white dress, the bouquet of your favorite flowers, eyes bright and shiny of your parents and best friends will accompany you after the religious ceremony and your hands will shake more when, after your entrance through the elegant porch, you will welcomed in the ideal location to turn your dreams into unforgettable reality.
Antica Masseria Martuccio is the perfect location for moments will take your breath away and we will make unique for you and for the people who live with you one of the happier chapters of your life. Details will make the difference, thanks to careful work of our Wedding Planner with passion and competence and will help you to organize every moment of your ceremony that you dream is perfect, as long as unforgettable.
Civil ceremony surrounded by an gorgeous porch and a big garden, you, the nature and the total peace with a ray of a hot sunset will sunshine at the time that will promise eternal love.
Christmas at Antica Masseria Martuccio want to rediscover past traditions and the family's values, for that ceremonies in one of the most suggestive period of the year require a unique atmosphere. The elegant interiors and the particular stone walls will be decorated and embellished with sparkling golden nuances and a touch of red, protagonist of mise en place will be pine needles, beries, ivy and cinnamon, to shine your eyes there will be lanterns and suffused lightening, but the wonderful white will make everything more fabulous and magical.
Antica Masseria Martuccio born with a vocation to organize wedding parties, put your dreams into our hands, thanks to twenty-year experience: imagination will be overtaken by reality, little dreams, thousand emotions.


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